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Barberton Tree Service began with a gift. When founder Keith Luck turned 16 in 1971, his grandmother gave him a pick-up truck and a chainsaw. He started this business which grew into an 85 truck fleet family enterprise with 95 employees at peak season. In September 2002, Barberton Tree Service, Inc. moved our location to 3307 Clark Mill Road in Norton (next to Barberton Speedway) to join Mulch Makers of Ohio. This new facility allows us to be more efficient and pass valuable savings on to our customers.


Due to the continuous growth of both companies, 2024 will celebrate the return of Barberton Tree Service to the “Magic City!” This will not only allow Mulch Makers of Ohio more space to operate and expand, but it will also move Barberton Tree Service into a brand new, state-of-the-art facility located at  635 Norton Avenue! We have always been a Barberton Brand and are very excited to return to where our roots were planted in the first place! To show our appreciation, we have donated work to Lake Anna Park as a gift to the city, as well as a homecoming celebration! 


Barberton Tree Service provides all tree services including tree and stump removal, trimming, pruning, and clearing. We specialize in dangerous tree removals including those requiring the use of our company-owned cranes. Under no circumstances do we subcontract and our crane operators are OSHA certified. Barberton Tree Service is fully insured and covered by the Bureau of Workers Compensation. Whether you need a simple trimming or a dangerous tree removed you can rely on Barberton Tree Service to always get the job done right.


Barberton Tree Service has access to some of the best equipment on the market to date. With access to a fleet of over 85 trucks including bucket trucks that reach up to 70 feet, Chip trucks each equipped with a commercial wood chipper, dump trucks, 5 mini-skid-steers, 3 different sized cranes to accommodate any situation, and 3 spider buckets reaching from 83 to 90 feet high! Barberton Tree Service has got all the tools to get any job done.


The goal of Barberton Tree Service Inc. is to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. We strive to accomplish this by providing competitive estimates for all of our customers' needs and assigning our readily available, highly trained, well-equipped and dedicated employees to carry out any task necessary. We are focused on maintaining a “safety culture” within the company. The safety and well-being of our employees and especially our customers are always the top priority.



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keith luck

Founder & Owner

As a teenager, a young and determined Keith Luck was gifted a chainsaw and an old station wagon from his loving Grandmother. She had a feeling that he would put it to good use. He quickly started selling firewood and shortly afterward, Barberton Tree Service was born! Keith wasted no time recruiting his closest friends and family members, many of which are still part of the team! A favorite saying of Keith’s is that “I’m only as good as the people that I surround myself with.” If you have ever been to the Mulch Makers / Barberton Tree Service properties, you’ll see that Keith must have made some darn good choices! One of the main reasons that Keith’s employees have been so loyal over the years is because of the winning PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) that Keith has learned from his countless days on the football field. Keith was a legendary Barberton Magic and also a proud alumnus of the University of Akron, being a top defensive player on the 1976 Zips team that made a Division 2 National Title Run! Keith has always put his heart and soul into any venture he’s pursued. He has taught all of his employees to dream big and that “If you take care of it, it will take care of you.” As Barberton Tree enters its 53rd year of growth and success, Keith’s philosophy couldn’t be more accurate. Now that Keith has built his dream team at BTS, he plans to spend more time with his wife and family and also work on some exciting new projects with our sister company Mulch Makers of Ohio. With both companies continuously growing and thriving, Barberton Tree will be moving to a brand-new facility on Norton Ave, while Mulch Makers develops new additions on our Clarkmill Rd. property. It’s hard to imagine that all of this came from such humble roots, but that’s Keith Luck, and that’s Barberton Magic for ya!   


Lisa Devenport


In the winter of 1997, Lisa began her career at Barberton Tree Service Inc. after graduating from Barberton High School! She continued her early years with the company balancing work and her education while attending the University of Akron for Business Management. She has been a team member of Barberton Tree since she was 18, taught by old-school values and brought up through hard knock lessons. Throughout the years, Lisa has gained an abundance of knowledge, skills, and determination, which have led her to her current position as Company President! After 27 years in the tree care industry, and nearly 30 years in a professional setting, we believe her biggest attributes are her adaptability, dependability, versatility, and overall tenacity. Commitment of the highest level is all you will ever see from Lisa. She possesses every quality you could ever ask for in a leader! She is extremely proud of the company that she has played such a large role in growing over the years. Her dedication to providing superior customer service, improving the community, and establishing a spectacular workplace environment is second to none.  Lisa always says, “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work.” Anyone with an inside or an outside perspective will tell you that she sets her own bar very high, and that she works very hard daily to attain those standards of excellence! Lisa enjoys volunteering in her free time to give back to the community with her daughter. Some of the organizations she has been a part of throughout the years are Lake Anna YMCA as Chairman of the board; Summit County Safety Council; Barberton Parks and Recreation as a Commissioner; Crossroads Community Church as a nursery teacher; and has various other volunteer hours logged within Summit County and Medina County.


Bryan Breitenstine

lead sales representative

After cementing himself in Barberton lore as one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever wear a Magic’s uniform, Bryan decided to be a part of Keith’s vision to grow Barberton Tree Service into what it has become today. Approaching 30 years of experience, Bryan has become an expert at estimating and bidding virtually any task relating to tree care. As a contract coordinator with multiple years spent in the field, Bryan has the invaluable ability to be proficient in providing accurate and affordable estimates whether they be for hedge trimming and shaping, canopy pruning, lot clearing, large / hazardous tree removal and stump grinding. His contagious personality is one of our favorite attributes within the company. As a former football coach, he is essential to motivating our crews to provide “Championship” customer service on a daily basis! He has been vital in growing our company to the competitive entity it has become. Whether bidding Commercial, Municipal, or Residential, Bryan always has the customer in mind. 


Josh Huffman

ISA Certified Arborist (OH-6360A) & Sales Representative

Living in the Barberton area for over 30 plus years, Josh started working for Barberton Tree Service in 2002 right out of high school as a groundsperson & worked his way through many of the different positions within the company to now becoming an I.S.A. Certified Arborist. Josh has always considered BTS his home. He has always stated that company owner Keith Luck has been very influential to him, teaching him many of the hardworking standards & values that Barberton Tree Service represents. Josh has learned the business from many of the “Barberton Tree legends” that have built the company into what it has become today, capturing their best attributes and then adding his own uniqueness to provide the highest level of service to our customers at the best prices around. Josh is sure to be honest, fair, and surely put a smile on your face. He is extremely dedicated to his customers and will always go out of his way to make sure they are informed and taken care of at all times! In his spare time he is a dedicated husband, son, brother and loving father to his 4 children. His family values are one of our favorite things about Josh because he tends to treat all coworkers and customers with the same love! In his spare time, he loves the outdoors and some of his favorite hobbies include hunting and fishing. 


Kevin Scott Mcquaide

General Manager &
TCIA Certified Tree Care
Safety Professional

Barberton born and raised, Scotty (A.K.A. Squirrel) grew up watching Barberton Tree Service through his window as they cleared all of the new lots in the Austin Estates development. Being neighbors and good friends with the Luck family, Scotty could not wait until he was old enough to be a part of the team and drive one of those awesome maroon trucks and climb trees alongside the men he looked up to. As soon as he was old enough, Keith let him get to work. After graduating from Barberton Highschool in 2004, he made a full-time commitment to the company and never once backed out. Scotty has served as a groundsman, crane hook-up, climber, foreman, estimator, and safety coordinator. He also supervises all the crews and serves as the new-hire recruiter. He has always looked up to Keith, Lisa and Bryan and is extremely proud to be on the same team as our amazing crews, looking out for them every day. Whether it’s providing an emergency estimate, ensuring job site safety on your property, our calling you in for an interview, Scotty will always show you a profound level of care, respect and professionalism. Scotty just can’t get enough of being outdoors. He is obsessed with any kind of nature related topic. Whenever he is not out and about on job sites, you can find him hiking and camping in the forest, or on the river fly-fishing and paddling his canoe through rapids! 


Freddie Payne

Sales Representative &
General Foreman

Freddie has been on our team for a few years now, as of 2022. Hired as Foreperson, he quickly showed his knowledge and passion for the industry which led him to become an Estimator. Before his employment at BTS, Freddie had been in the industry for over 15 years between owning his own company and working for highly accredited, national tree care companies. His passion for quality customer service and friendliness flows through his personal life. Freddie enjoys spending time with his family and being actively involved in his children’s extracurricular activities. One of our favorite things about Freddie is how polite and considerate he is to all he encounters. He is a great problem solver and always looks for the most cost effective and efficient way to complete a job. Rest assured that you will be in great hands when dealing with Freddie! He provides outstanding customer service to anyone he meets and will always make time to answer questions. This estimator loves to keep in touch throughout the entire job process, frequently stopping out to talk to the customer and checking on the crews that are performing the work. In his free time he is a dedicated Cleveland Browns fan and will happily incorporate football into a tree conversation! We are very thrilled to have Freddie as part of our BTS family!


Adrianne Tanner


Adrianne started as an Arborist with Barberton Tree in March 2024 as our Municipal Coordinator. She started her Arboriculture career in high school as a graduate of the Urban Forestry and Landscape Horticulture Trade Program at Kent Roosevelt HS where she fell in love with proper tree and plant healthcare. She continued her education at Kent State University where she got a degree in Conservation Botany and minored in Geology. She obtained her ISA Certification and worked in the Herbarium (preserved plant library) cataloging plants while learning many aspects of plant science. Her diverse skill set and wide knowledge base has brought her to many “green industry” positions over the years including invasive species control, greenhouse/nursery management, utility vegetation management, private consulting, and now Municipal Coordinator. In her spare time, you can either catch her and her husband Terry spending time with their car family and rallying at Southern Ohio Forest Rally or in the forest foraging for mushrooms and chasing butterflies. 


Jill Isaiah

Office Manager

As a relative to the president of BTS, Jill can attest to the “family-owned and operated business.” She’s worked with us on and off since she was 13 and treats the entire company like family! Over the past five years, she’s built strong relationships with her co-workers and valued customers as well. She was raised with the same “Roll up your sleeves and get to work” mentality that our company was founded on, and she is a driving force in maintaining that very same brand of Barberton Tree today! This hard work ethic and dedication are concreted into Jill’s personality. Never afraid of any challenge, Jill is always there to help, even when the phones are ringing off the hook during nasty storms! Family and relationships are important to her, and she treats all of our employees with the same motherly care. She can frequently be seen preparing breakfast for any hungry employees to ensure they are fully nourished for the jobs ahead . During the warmer months, Jill loves to spend time at the pool with her grandchildren. Jill would love to assist you with general questions, setting up estimates for trees and stump grinding, and questions regarding work orders. You can reach Jill at (330) 848-2344.


Laurie Wilsterman

Senior Administrator

We would not be able to function without Laurie! She handles accounts payable, payroll, data entry, and other tasks, along with helping out the rest of the office staff with phone calls and any other customer needs. Laurie is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to our profession. There isn’t much that she hasn’t seen or handled at least 50 times! She tends to have an informative answer for any customer question. From helping set up convenient appointments with our estimators to promptly dispatching a crew for an emergency job, Laurie can handle it all and does so with a happy heart! She has exceptional problem-solving skills and is an asset to all coworkers, including the crews. Throughout her ten years as an employee, she has always been attentive and extraordinarily positive. Her favorite part of coming to work is sharing the same vision and dedication to the company’s mission. While not at work, Laurie enjoys spending time in nature at her campsite with her family. Contact Laurie at (330) 848-2344 for questions concerning accounts payable, corporate invoices, or any other general questions!


Jamie McClanahan

Accounts Manager

With two exciting years spent with our company, Jamie has quickly found a second family here with our staff! She is a wonderful addition to the BTS crew along with Winston, her French Bulldog that she brings in every day. It’s no surprise that Jamie is an animal lover! Her friendly demeanor and patience clearly show it! Any customer that gets a chance to talk to her will undoubtedly receive a warm welcome and outstanding assistance! Jamie is here to help you with any of your three-related needs, whether it be a simple estimate or a time sensitive emergency, she will get you taken care of! Her free time is spent rescuing dogs, cats and just about any other furry friend and helping them find their forever home! Contact Jamie at (330) 848-2344 for help with setting up an estimate, accounts receivable, or any general office questions. You’ll be impressed with her timeliness and interpersonal skills!

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Jason Ramsey

Paint & Body Shop Supervisor

Jason has been a key asset to the success of Barberton Tree Service for well over a decade. Learning the ropes in his father’s body shop as a young boy, Jason quickly gained a keen eye for all repairs, paint and body related. He has become a true master of his craft and now proudly mentors and works alongside his own son JT in our Body Shop at Barberton Tree and Mulch Makers of Ohio. This man is non-stop. Whenever it’s crunch time, he is always ready to commit and do whatever it takes to handle any task with his “Get it done” mentality! His skill set doesn’t end with paint and body work though. Jason also has a highly versatile mechanical and electrical background and puts these skills to work on a daily basis. Fueled by a great attitude and plenty of caffeine, Jason makes sure that not a single piece of machinery leaves the yard with a light out and quickly responds to any dead battery or other mechanical defect he can handle, to make sure that all of our hard-working tree crews make it out to their customers daily. Jason is just one of those guys that your team wouldn’t be complete without. We are extremely honored to work alongside him every single day. Jason also does a great job managing our electronic vehicle maintenance program, always ensuring that both shops are on top of any repair needed. In his free time, Jason is an avid tournament fisherman and spends many hours on the boat with his family chasing trophy crappie!

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Bob Wolfe

Lead Certified Crane Operator & Foreman

Bob is one of our most valued employees! He has been with us for nearly 30 years! Over this impressive period of time, Bob has truly been one of the foundation blocks that our successful company rests upon today! Some of the most difficult tree removals in Northeast Ohio have been performed with Bob behind the controls of his trusty crane. He has accumulated a vast amount of knowledge in his career with BTS through year after year of challenging experience. He simply makes the most difficult of tasks seem easy and effortless. He is known as the Godfather of Barberton Tree and has been responsible for the training and coaching of many of our greatest climbers, crane operators and groundsmen. No matter how dangerous or tedious the job is, you can be confident with Bob on your job site! Bob runs one a crew of some of our most veteran employees and it’s quite evident when you watch them work! Bob not only excels at operating cranes on the jobs, but he is also an amazing hunter during deer season!

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Aaron Wagnitz

General Foreman & Certified Crane Operator

Aaron has called BTS his home for well over a decade now! He is one of the most versatile employees within our company and in the time that he’s spent here, has held almost every position an employee could serve.  Aaron is simply great at everything he does. As a long time Staff Sergeant E6 in the United States National Guard, he consistently runs his crew and performs his work to military standards. He is our General foreman not only because of his skill level, but because of the example he sets for the entire company. “The correct way” is the only way that Aaron knows and that is quite obvious. He is highly respected amongst all other crew members and foremen alike. He has helped train many of our best employees, including other foremen. Despite his wealth of knowledge and astounding skill level, He is quite humble. He is the type that lets only his actions speak for his work. Whether it is operating a crane, performing a difficult climb, or running a spider lift in a confined area, BTS is beyond proud to have Aaron representing our company on any job site! 

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Anthony Myers


​Tony has been a key asset to Barberton Tree Service for many years now. He is extremely versatile with his abilities in the trees. He is an excellent climber, as well as bucket truck operator. The quality and attention to detail that he provides through his work is superb. Whether it is making a tree look beautiful, or ensuring a customer’s yard is left in pristine condition after a tree removal, Tony takes extreme pride in his work. This employee removes some of the largest, most dangerous trees in Northeast Ohio on a daily basis yet stays extremely humble. Paired up with our crane operator Bob, there is no tree that they can’t dismantle safely! In his spare time, he enjoys going to concerts and spending time with his family. He is also a locally known hero, being recently honored by an Akron detective! We are proud to have Tony as a member of our family!

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Ryan (Squintz) Jacobs


Ryan was given the nickname “Squints” many years ago when he first joined the team due to the resemblance that we saw between him and the character from the baseball movie “The Sandlot”. While we may be the only bunch that sees the similarity, ANYONE can see why we consider this foreman a real home-run of an employee. Maybe it’s the black glasses, maybe its countless years of hard work and experience, but whatever it may be, this foreman has no problem seeing the best way to perform any tree task and then executing it safely and efficiently. This is one of the friendliest and most professional people you will ever have the privilege to deal with. He is a great team player and one of our seasoned key employees here at BTS. 

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Cody Long


Cody is a new edition to our family here at BTS. He has years of experience in the tree care industry and that is quite obvious when you watch him work! Cody specializes in difficult jobs that have limited access to the trees. He solves this problem by being an expert operator on our 83ft ArborPro Spider Lift! Cody operates these machines like they are an extension of his own body and always knows the best way to set up on the tricky jobs. Cody is always polite and professional. You can expect only the highest degree of customer service from him! He is a great motivator to his crew. When Cody is running the job-site, you can be sure to witness an outstanding level of teamwork! His entire crew always works very efficiently under his leadership!  We are very lucky to have Cody as part of our Team!

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Rory Walter


Passionate. Energetic. Proud. Brave. Driven. Focused. These are all words that do a great job at describing Rory. Rory has been a foreman at BTS for 3 years now and has a long span of tree experience under his belt. He is one of our climbing foremen that specializes in tree removals in particular. He has quite the talent for making short work of a large precarious tree (or an entire section of woods), all while doing so safely and efficiently. Rory is especially crafty when it comes to dangerous tree tasks, especially those that are created by severe storms. Not all trees are accessible to large equipment such as a crane. This is where Rory comes in. Using a broad range of tree climbing and rigging techniques, along with the use of his Vermeer mini skid-steer, there isn’t much that Rory can’t figure out. If you have an emergency that a crane can’t get to, give us a call and we will get Rory out to you ASAP! You will not only be impressed with his crew’s skills and work ethic, but also their professionalism while on your job site! We are proud to have Rory as part of the family here at BTS!


Jordan Buss


Jordan came to join us at Barberton Tree straight out of high school. In that time we have had the exciting privilege of watching him grow from a young and inexperienced rookie to a top-tier tree climber and foreman! Jordan started out working on our top crane crew. As he began to learn the craft, he was trained one step at a time by his foreman to leave the ground and start getting comfortable at great heights. Jordan discovered that he loved it “up there”, and quickly grew into an expert climber and bucket operator! His true passion for taking on big challenges, combined with a fast-paced hustle has really taken Jordan a long way in his career. Whether it’s working alongside a crane to tackle massive tree removals, or simply trimming your trees to make them look beautiful, Jordan has got our customers covered. We are proud of how far he has come at such a young age and look forward to watching his skill set reach its peak! 


Michael Hilbert


With well over 12 years in the tree game, Michael has become quite an asset to Barberton Tree. Most of his knowledge throughout the beginning formed from observing experienced men he worked under. After all of these years of experience, he now enjoys being the one lending tips and advice to the rookies. Michael is a very versatile foreman. There’s not too much that he hasn’t dealt with during his time at Barberton Tree. He is experienced in crane operations, climbing, trimming, removals and also as a Spider Lift operator! Whatever task we give Michael, he makes sure to deliver! While he's not at work he likes to relax with his kids, cook on the grill and share good laughs with anyone around him. Being with Barberton Tree has taught him how to be a great leader as well as top notch team building skills. We are proud to have Mr. Hilbert as a part of our team!

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Dustin Doak


Dustin has been with our company for 3 years now and we are honored to have him represent our company as a crew leader! One of our youngest foremen, Dustin quickly showed us that he was here for the “long-haul” and wanted nothing more than to dedicate his time and effort into becoming a leader within our company. Trained under Aaron Wagnitz, our General Foreman, Dustin was taught by one of the best and clearly took note of what he witnessed and learned while under Aaron’s guidance. In a rather short period of time, Dustin went from groundsman to climber to foreman, all the while our company gained the utmost confidence in him as a leader. As one of our main ambassadors to beautiful properties such as Firestone Country Club, Dustin is a very versatile employee. He is highly qualified at not only tree removals, but also tree beautification pruning. He is an excellent equipment operator as well as a very talented tree climber. Our other foremen often joke and say it’s not fair because Dustin is our tallest climber, and it only takes him 5 steps before he reaches the top of the tree! Height advantage or not, we are more than pleased with Dustin and we are confident that our customers will be pleased too! 


Robert Snelgrove


   Robert has been a great asset to the Barberton Tree family for years now.  He started from the ground up and worked his way into a foreman position. While many of our foremen specialize in their preferred tasks, Robert is our “Lumberjack-of-all-trades”. From working on our crane crews, climbing, and even operating our 83ft ArborPro Spider Lifts, our friendly Rob does it all very well! He is always positive, optimistic, determined and professional. The level of customer service he provides is nothing short of spectacular. He is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. He is extremely proud of what he does, and the quality of his work shows that very clearly! One of our favorite things about Rob is his reliability. We can always count on this man, and so can you when it comes to any tree related task!


Nick Sykora


Nick is a newly welcomed edition to Barberton Tree Service! He has many years of experience as a tree expert, as well as a crew leader. As a designated Spider Lift operator, Nick specializes in precarious trees that are located in those hard-to-get-to places. He is a determined and dedicated leader on any job site, and always makes sure his tools, equipment and crew are ready to take on any challenge! You can expect nothing but friendly, polite and professional customer service from him, no matter the size of the job! Nick is extremely safety-oriented and will always ensure that each worksite is set up to our safety standards, including signs, cones, barriers, PPE and everything else to keep his crew as well as our customers safe! With Nick’s work ethic and continuous drive to improve his skill set, we are very excited to see him grow with our company!


Brent Heitz


Brent has been a valued, long-time employee here at Barberton Tree Service. We have watched him grow with us over the years into a leadership role and couldn’t be prouder. As a foreman, Brent has excellent customer service skills and specializes in tree beautification and pruning. He takes extreme provide in his work and loves seeing the smiles on his customer’s faces after a job well done! Brent always practices safe work methods and strives to ensure every job site is set up efficiently and safely for all those nearby. He is very pleasant to deal with and happy to answer any questions to any of your tree care concerns. In his free time, Brent is a true family man and loves spending time with his wife and kids after a hard day’s work! We are thankful to have him as a part of our team!


Jonathan Copsey


Some people prefer the “indoor” lifestyle. Jonathan is  not one of those people. This guy has always led a life of adventure and doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon! His bravery and never-ending pursuit of the next thrill have taken him from the United States Marine Corps, to being a cowboy out west, to the tops of the tallest trees and last, but not least, to chasing his young ones around the house as a proud father! Jonathan is an expert tree climber. Obsessed with tree education, he absorbs any and all arboriculture knowledge like a sponge. He is constantly in search of learning new and efficient climbing and rigging techniques. He always makes safety a top priority. You can rest assured knowing that whatever the tree-related task, Jonathan will leave you in good hands! In his free time, he loves to fly-fish, but most of all spend time with his loving wife and kids! Aside from his professionalism, he is just a good-hearted guy to deal with. Good luck catching him without a smile on his face! He loves what he does!

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